'Good Luck Chuck' stars Dane Cook and Jessica Alba as an unlikely pair who meet under strange circumstances.Chuck, the character named after him, seems to have been cursed with the truly awful gift of helping others find love while remaining single himself.After a sexual encounter with him, his curse leads women to their true love.

Chuck's love for his penguin-loving muse Cam motivates him to do all he can to change the fateful spell with hilarious results.There are multiple locations in this movie, plus some cute penguins!

Good Luck Chuck Filming Locations

It was filmed largely in British Columbia, then in Alberta.The main photography began in July 2006.We'll take a closer look at the movie's filming locations.

Metro Vancouver, British Columbia

The majority of real-life filming for 'Good Luck Chuck' took place in Vancouver (also referred to as Metro Vancouver) in British Columbia.Filming in Stanley Park and Second Beach, located at 845 Avison Way, took place for multiple scenes of the movie.Cam is likely to appear in scenes filmed here.Marine research is also conducted at the popular aquarium.


The film also filmed several scenes at the UBC (University of British Columbia) Robson Square Campus.Robson Square is located at 800 Robson Street in downtown Vancouver.Additionally, a few scenes were filmed at the Frederic Wood Theatre at 6354 Crescent Road.Cecil Green Park House, at 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, was the location used for the wedding scenes in the film.

.In addition to the Spanish Banks Dog Beach, Granville Island Public Market in Johnston Street, Iona Beach Regional Park in Richmond, Water Street, and the famous seafood restaurantBrix and Mortar were also used as locations.It was filmed at Aja Tan Studios located at 1600 Railway Street in North Vancouver, where the passionate loft sequence was filmed.

Edmonton, Alberta

.In fact, scenes in which Alba's character comes in contact with penguins were filmed in Canada's Festival City, which included the actress spending time getting acquainted with the birds as well.Penguins can be observed at 8882 170 Street North West at the West Edmonton Mall.It is likely that the birds were also filmed here.


Film Alberta Studios at 5305 Allard Way North West in Edmonton was also used for some scenes set in the aquarium.The filming crew also filmed some scenes in Alberta's historic district of Old Strathcona in south-central Edmonton.

Los Angeles, California

Filming reportedly occurred in Los Angeles, California.In addition to studio filming, a few scenes could have been filmed on location as well.