What motivates Achilleus in his battle with Hektor quizlet?

When Achilleus battled Hektor, what motivated him to win?.Vengeance for the death of Patroklus.


What does this line from Hektor and Achilleus reveal about Hektor?

It is said by Hektor in the question, and it illustrates his belief in gods.The Greek has an honorable sense for the dead, and promises Achilles that if he dies, his body won't be defiled.

What does Hector swear to do with Achilles body if he dies?

Achilles is told by Hector that in the event that he kills him, he will return the body to the Greeks to allow them to properly bury him.

Which line is an example of Hektor’s courage?

Your courage will kill you, and you have no feeling left.Eventually, all the Greeks will crowd around you and kill you. (Lines 427-432). - - Hector's courage here isn't praised.Now, his wife views him as too brave.

What motivates Achilles and his battle with Hector?

Hektor's battle with Achilleus motivated Achilleus to do it.Retribution for the death of his friend Patroklus.

Which was a result of the Thirty Years War quizlet?

Who won the Thirty Years' War?

Is Patroclus a God?

His father was Menoetius.The Titan god was known for his violent temper and rash actions.There is an element of this trait he may have passed on to his son, as his actions eventually resulted in his death.

What is the secret weakness of Achilles?

She tries to make Achilles immortal by dipping him in the River Styx (the river that runs through the underworld) while holding him by the heel.As a result, his Achilles heel is also his only weak spot, the part of his body left unaffected by the waters.

Why did Hector kill Patroclus?

A prophecy made by Zeus foretells the defeat of Patroclus as he leads the Greeks in battle against the Trojans while wearing the armor of the great Greek hero Achilles.After the death of his friend Patroclus, Achilles becomes enraged and determined to seek revenge.

Which book does Achilles die in?

Death in Iliad.Achilles' death is a complex one, even if it is seen solely as it appeared in the oldest sources.Historically, the hero's death is brought about by Paris with an arrow (to the heel according to Statius' version of the Iliad) as predicted in the Iliad by Hector.

Who is the purest character in Iliad?

Livius.Achilles is the leader of the Myrmidons, who were on the side of the Greeks and their allies, the Achaeans, against Troy.Thetis, a sea goddess, and Phyllius, a mortal, are his parents.Pure and honorable, he is a warrior who is merciless and fierce in combat.

Who is the bravest Trojan warrior?

Achilles was the bravest, handsomest, and greatest warrior of Agamemnon's army.According to Homer, Achilles was raised at Phthia by his mother and Patroclus was his constant companion.

Is Hector or Achilles a better hero?

The movie Troy features two heroes, Hector and Achilles.Despite their similarity, both Hector and Achilles were great heroes.He is a hero of Troy because he is brave, courageous, and transforms from his experiences.This is why Achilles is the hero of Troy.

What was the general impact of the Thirty Years war on Europe quizlet?

Which resulted from the Thirty Years' War?

Which was a result of the 30 years war?

Several countries gained independence from Spain due to the Treaty of Westphalia, including the Netherlands, Sweden, and France, which was acknowledged as the preeminent power in the West.The German states again had control over the religion of their lands after the Holy Roman Empire was broken.

Why did Patroclus sleep with Deidameia?

Patroclus falls for Deidameia's manipulative tactics to get him to sleep with him.Achilles makes her cry over his fault that he is leaving her, she insults him, and then when he is unsure about what to do for her, she forces him to sleep with her.Patroclus did not desire to sleep with her.He was compelled to do so, and he did not want to.

How did Achilles die?

Archer Paris shoots an arrow into Achilles, killing him.Apollo is said in most versions of the story to have guided the arrow to his vulnerable spot, his heel.In the years following his death, Achilles' ashes are reinterred with those of his dear friend Patroclus.

What was the weakest part of Achilles body Why?

"Achilles' heel" is a weakness, named after the only vulnerable part of the Greek hero Achilles' body.The story of Achilles' invulnerability comes from the story of his mother Thetis' unsuccessful effort to provide Achilles' heel with invulnerability.

Did Hector really kill Patroclus?

Patroclus convinced Achilles to allow him to lead the Myrmidons into battle when the tide of the Trojan War turned against the Greeks and the Trojans threatened the ships of the Greeks.Patroclus was then killed by Hector by stabbing him in the stomach with a spear.

Hektor's battle with Achilleus: What motivates him?

Where does Achilles drive his spear to kill Hector?

Achilles fatally wounded Hector with his spear where?

Why did Achilles cry after killing Hector?

At the end of Book 23 of the Iliad, after Achilles has killed Hector and had the corpse dragged back to the Greek ships, he cries because he is mourning his friend Patroclus and he views Hector's death as a vengeance.

What is Hector’s weakness?

The way Hector comforts his son by removing his helmet is a significant metaphor for his strength (as well as his weakness).Because of this same compassion and willingness to lay down his armor, Hector is ultimately betrayed and killed due to this weakness.