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PMAT Meaning in Biology

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What does PMAT stand for Biology?

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What does PMAT meaning stand for Biology?

What is the meaning of PMAT abbreviation in Biology?

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PMAT (letter P)

Social propriety is very important to you.

PMAT (letter M)

You are intense and emotional.As soon as you commit to a relationship, you pour your entire being into it.Your entire being is devoted to it.All you want is someone who is just as passionate and intense as you.Anything is acceptable to you.The pleasure of a romantic relationship is limitless.Is your mate one of the most sensual people you know; you enjoy flirting as well as mothering her.

PMAT (letter A)

Despite not being a romantic, you are interested in action.It's all about business.The words you speak are the actions you take. .The physical attractiveness of your mate is important to you. The chase and challenge of the "hunt" excite you. You are passionate, sexual, and adventurous, while at the same time doing not go around attributing these qualities to yourself. Your physical needs top the list of your concerns.

PMAT (letter T)

If you want a partner who takes the initiative, you need to be sensitive, private, and passive.It's romantic music, soft lights, and romantic thoughts that turn you on.Despite your fantasies, you are not easily swayed by love.When you're in love, you're romantic, idealistic, mushy, and extremely intense.Your senses and feelings enjoy being stimulated, titillated, and teased.Quite the flirt!.In many cases, it is all in your head what you make of your relationships.