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Key Frankoma Pottery History Milestones

When Frank Potteries opened in 1933, John Frank became owner of Oklahoma's first commercial pottery manufacturer. After just a year, the company's name was changed to Frankoma Pottery.In the first few years of the business, Frank split his time between teaching ceramics at the University of Oklahoma and running Frankoma Pottery. He finally stopped teaching in 1936 and devoted himself to Frankoma Pottery full time.



Second Generation Leadership

The company was run by Joniece Frank, a talented artist who spent 13 years working with Frank before taking over the business after her father's death in 1973.

Factory Fire

Fire destroyed the Frankoma Pottery factory once again in 1938 (having previously burned down in 1938).A fireproof storage room saved the pottery molds from being consumed by fire.However, the factory was rebuilt and the business continued to operate.Frankoma Pottery closed in 1990 after more than 100 years of operation.

New Ownership

An investor and pewter maker based in Maryland purchased the business in 1991.Kyle Costa took over as President after Joniece Frank remained on as VP.


Collectors Association

More Ownership Changes

Several times during the 2000s, the company changed hands.

Frankoma Pottery Reboot

A pottery line was restarted under the Frankoma Pottery name in December 2012.Items can be found at FrankomaPottery.com.A variety of custom orders are also available.

Identifying Characteristics of Frankoma Pottery Marks

Many huckleberrypersimmon.com and collectibles don't have a singular label, but that is not the case with Frankoma Pottery.There have been several variations of marking across its line of pottery.Examples:

Early pieces: A rubber stamp reads: Impressive - round O: Marking: I am impressed - oblong O: The mold markings: Pieces not marked:

Determining Frankoma Production Era by Clay Color

Frankoma Pottery's colors vary depending on the clay type and additives.In this way, the color of the unglazed portion of the bottom of a piece can tell us about its production date.

Example Values of Frankoma Pottery Pieces

Frankoma offers a wide range of products.If you are looking for current sales and asking prices, visit eBay, Etsy, or LiveAuctioneers.com.A few examples include:

Dining ware:

The Frankoma line includes a variety of figurines.The pacing puma (indicative of the company's logo) typically sells between $45 and $90, while the white buffalo can be purchased for $20 - $40.Those with more intricate designs can sell for several hundred dollars.

Jugs/pitchers: Frankoma wagon wheel pitchers are worth between $40 and $65.

Mugs: Frankoma political mugs typically sell for $15 - $35.Shirts crafted for the Republican Women's Organization (RWO) such as the Ford/Nixon mugs have sold for upwards of $800.

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