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In a strange twist of fate—or perhaps Zeus, who up to now had done little for his love and child—they were discovered by a good man, a fisherman named Dictys.After finding the box he cracked it open and took the pitiful cargo home to his wife who was just as kind as he was.Despite not having children, Dana* and Perseus were treated as if they were their own.

The ancient Greeks were known for valuing the arts

He told his friends about his upcoming marriage, and invited Perseus to his celebration.All the guests but Perseus, as was customary, brought a gift for the bride-to-be.

How does this excerpt shed light on Greek life?

Following their arrival in the North, Perseus learns that the King of Larissa is holding a great athletic contest, so he journeys there to participate in it.When his turn came to throw the discus, he hurled a heavy missile that swerved and fell among the spectators.Acrisius was a visitor to the King when he was struck by the discus.It was a fatal blow, and he died immediately.

The excerpt reveals what we can learn about Greek life.

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.At the time Perseus arrived, the maiden was on a rocky ledge, chained there, waiting for the monster to come.

This excerpt describes a practice that was common in ancient Greece.

.It was absolutely impossible in those days for anyone to avoid a wretched fate by claiming deity superiority in anything, yet people continued to do so constantly.

Cassiopeia failed to possess what ancient Greek value?

How does the excerpt depict Greek life?

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